Hey there!
I’m Sue, a doctor, entrepreneur, writer, & faith-filled optimist dedicated to helping you have more vibrant health, a deeper relationship with yourself, and bigger paychecks (if financial abundance is your thing).

I’m so grateful you’re here! I’d reach through the screen and give you great big hug, but hugs aren’t happening until we meet in person. So keep reading. I’ll explain my story and why I want to meet and serve you.

My Story

I don’t remember the first moment I decided to become a doctor, but I do remember my truest intention in becoming one was to somehow, in someway, help others. It was a heart calling, calling me to ease another’s suffering. So the journey began: med school; residency; chief residency. Head down, in the grind, focused on sucking in every drop of knowledge possible from books and mentors. I tried my best to do everything “right”, but within two years of practice I felt imbalanced and disconnected.

I was also just married and trying to conceive. All I wanted was a happy, healthy baby. But instead I had miscarriage after miscarriage. My fourth was a second trimester loss and hit my “personal growth” acceleration pedal big time! Loss has a way of doing that. I had to elevate myself above the dark cloud of miscarriage I was standing under. I had to find a higher meaning for my deep sorrow. It was as if my ten years of head “schooling” – soaking up knowledge – were followed by ten more years of heart “schooling” – connecting with Spirit.

It was a horribly painful process…but I learned. I learned that my miscarriages were blessings in disguise. I learned I was imbalanced. But most importantly I learned what I was seeking…health! Health is balance. So I evolved to help myself and my patients re-balance through diet and lifestyle changes. It’s a step-by-step process that simplifies your nutrition and supplementation for health. Which brings me to you…

How I Can Serve You….

The study of epigenetics has uncovered that you can control how your genes express by changing your environment. This means that how you think (mindset), what you feel (emotions), and the actions you take (diet and lifestyle) all have an effect on how your genes express.

Getting your genes to behave how you want sounds complicated, but it’s not when you know what you’re doing. Going it alone would be like trying to climb Mt. Everest in flip-flops without a guide. Think of my support as a trusted guide helping you get back on track to health through a simple step-by-step process. I call it health without the hassle.

I’m so inspired by how you show up so powerfully in the world. Thank you for all you do to help others live happier healthier lives.

– Angelle Batten, MEd, Life Coach for Women with an Expertise in Health, Co-Founder of The Nourish to Flourish Society

What Do You Want?…

I would love to work with you!