Hey Mama, I’m Dr. Sue


I’m a Mama, pediatric physician and strategist for soulFULL midlife women seeking to build vibrant health, emotional strength, passion-filled relationships, and purposeful work in the world.

I use the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment to help you achieve your heart’s desires and live a life you love (and others love you for living!)


Dr. Sue McCreadie is a pediatric physician in Ann Arbor, MI guiding families to align their diet and lifestyle with their DNA for over twenty years and counting. Since 2022, she’s been supporting Mamas – with children, fur babies, or their midlife wise ol’ self – to live life re-energized, empowered, and knowing their soulFULL way. She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with her husband, Dave, and their three teens, Kaitlin, Elle, and Addison. Through her healing journey, she’s experienced a wide range of therapeutic modalities and training.

University of Michigan – B.S. in BioPsychology
Wayne State University – M.D. Doctor of Medicine
Children’s Hospital of Michigan – Pediatric Medicine Residency & Chief Residency
Mastery University – Tony Robbins, Robbins Research International
Leadership Mastery – Tony Robbins, Robbins Research International

Medical Acupuncture for Physicians – UCLA School of Medicine
Homeopathy for the Individual Terrain, Miasms, Temperaments, Constitutions – Seroyal Genestra Unda with Gérard Guéniot, MD and Robert Abell, ND, LAc.
Reiki Method of Natural Healing First and Second Degrees – Nancy Eos, MD
Japanese Reiki Techniques Training – Frank Arjava Petter and William Lee Rand
CranioSacral Therapy Level I & II, SomatoEmotional Release I, and CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics – The Upledger Institute
Practical Numerology – Meaghan Alton, Numerologist, Former Economist

Tony Robbins Crew Member
Tony Robbins Senior Leader Application (In-Process)
Transformational Leadership Coaching – Heartcore Leadership

Bringing three daughters into this world, I experienced the disappointment and loss of four pregnancies along the way. When I crossed the pregnancy finish line for the final time, I was overwhelmed physically and emotionally for years. Through self-development, I found a deeper meaning for miscarriages, reclaimed vibrant health, and grew emotional resilience, passion-filled relationships, and purposeful work in the world.  

Now I live and breathe my soulFULL purpose fueled with passion and reap true prosperity. And I want you with me Mama –  living your soulFULL life and showing your kiddos how to do the same! 

Are you ready to embrace your purpose, ignite your passion, and create your next level of prosperity for a life you love and others love you for living? It’s about getting to know yourself intimately – understanding your true identity, strengths, patterns, and how you can best serve yourself and those around you authentically. 

What Mamas Say About Working with Dr. Sue

    • I feel safe with her love, insight, guidance, and calm Spirit.
    • She’s genuine, honest, true to her path, and passionate about moving Mamas forward.
    • She truly wants to help me, and I can feel that and believe it. 
    • She’s knowledgeable with a medical background and kind.
    • I connect to her as a mom, businesswoman, and fitness/health enthusiast. 
    • Her passion and Spirit light me up.
    • I admire her vulnerability with me.
    • Her confidence is magnetic.
    • She cheers you on with humor, and her laugh heals.
    • She embraces change and encourages others to do the same.
    • She practices what she preaches – physically, spiritually, and as a parent/wife. 
    • She accepts me where I am and doesn’t think I should already know.
    • She connects me with essential people in my healing journey.
    • Our Spirits align, and we have a soulFULL connection.
    • She’s driven, ambitious, radiates positive vibes, trustworthy, authentic, knowledgeable, resourceful, articulate, caring, and passionate!!!
    • Bottom line: She’s a Powerhouse.

    Don’t Stay Stuck Spinning.
    Breakthrough Midlife Mayhem!

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