I’m always ready to unwrap a gift, aren’t you? But I bet when you open this gift, at some point you’ll want to wrap it back up and put it away because it feels a bit uncomfortable at first. What gift am I talking about?


The gift of intuition.


Intuition, the ability to connect with Spirit, is a birthright most of us shut out because we tend to spend our lives in pursuit of more knowledge. We honor the rational mind, the intellect, the ego, and we tell our heart to be quiet. “Shhh,” we say, “Not now.” We honor what we think and stop honoring how we feel.


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  

– Albert Einstein


Did you know for health you need both intellect and intuition?


Imagine a physically, mentally, and spiritually “healthy” person to look like a warrior with angel wings. You may hear the word warrior and think “fierce fighter.” In spite of physical and mental exhaustion, in spite of fear, the warrior “soldiers on.” But the warrior archetype has many layers: the warrior is physically and mentally strong; she’s brave; she masters her body and mind by honoring her strengths and accepting her weaknesses; a warrior is also spiritually aware. When she aligns with Spirit, she can SEE the divine in her life’s journey, FEEL the divine support her and HEAR the divine breathe, “Keep going, you’re on your right path.” When she is balanced she KNOWS Spirit fully supports her. All she has to do is stop resisting. Trust. Let go. fully surrender and dance between her intellect and intuition.


Surrender? Dance? Let go? Sounds a bit out there. It’s not really. It’s all about balance. You learn to balance your head smarts (intellect), by toning up and strengthening your flabby heart smarts (intuition). Are you ready to unwrap your sacred gift of intuition?

About the Author: Dr. Sue McCreadie

I’m Sue, a doctor, entrepreneur, writer, & faith-filled optimist dedicated to helping you have more vibrant health, a deeper relationship with yourself, and bigger paychecks (if financial abundance is your thing).


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