Health is Balance:


How do you stay balanced when life is always throwing you off balance into dis-ease? What tools can you use to rebalance back to health? Learn the basic principles for body, mind and soulFULL health.

Coming Out of Your Spiritual Closet:


What is your heart calling you to do? What closet are you afraid to come out of? You have questions, some answers, and a whole lot of passion. Learn how to grace yourself with your divine dream and uncover the WHY behind what you want.

Balance Your Body:


Are you trying to cover up your boo-boo’s and make them go away? Bandages work great for simple cuts, where the body can heal and rebalance itself easily, but it’s a different story for chronic dis-ease. Learn a simplified path to re-balance your body by implementing three self-love habits: Eat, Rest, Move!

Eat Real Food Fit for You:


We all need to be eating REAL food for health. The kind of REAL food that fits you best can be tricky to figure out. Learn how to fine tune your diet so it fits like a well tailored suit and support your shortcomings with supplements.

Quiet Your Mind:


Are you DO-ing too much? And not BE-ing enough? A quiet mind encourages your heart to open and connect with Spirit so you can receive divine self-empowering thoughts that help you feel happy, healthy, and free! Learn how to Breathe, Write, Pray and Play your way to a quieter mind.

Just Breathe:


Taking a breath is the first thing you did when you entered into this world, and it will be the last thing you do before you leave it. Breath is sacred. Learn how to find your flow and tap into your zen at any moment through breath.

Open Your Heart:


Choose love. Drop fear. I wish it was that easy! Your job is to keep showing up. Keep quieting your mind. Keep listening, TRUSTING and following your heart smarts with directed action. Learn how to pay Divine attention so you can see, hear, feel and know Spirit’s presence in your everyday life.

Move! Rest.


The hardest part of working out IS working out!!! If you’re pushing your limits, it’s emotionally and  physically painFULL. When resistance screams, “STOP,” what will keep you going? Learn how to push through resistance and in the process become physically and emotionally stronger.

Giving Back


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