I was newly married sitting on the stairs leading up to the 2nd floor of our then bungalow home. The room at the top of the stairs was for our baby, except we had no baby. Instead, we had multiple losses – miscarriages. We dreamed of holding our baby, but sadly babies were slipping through our arms. One after the other.


Sitting on those stairs, I was in a dark place that particular day, when Blair, one of my high school best friends, called me on the phone. “I’m sad,” I said. I had recently heard that our mutual high school bestie was pregnant with her second child. “What kind of sad?” she replied “Like…you have a bottle of vodka in your hand, sad? Or devouring chocolate, sad? Or, …” I can’t remember the other sadness scenarios she gave me, but it made me laugh and I instantly felt heard and understood.


Blair, known as Selma Blair, was recently interviewed by Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. She opened up about her battle with multiple sclerosis and how she remains positive even on her darkest days, saying, “I never thought I’d have such riches…”


When her doctor said, ‘Your life will forever be different.’ Selma replied, ‘Well, thank God.’



Since revealing her MS diagnosis publicly last October on Instagram, I’ve received so many heartfelt “I’m so sorry” messages. I get why people are sorry. What puzzled me was why I’m not heartbroken. Yes, I’ve sobbed. I love Blair. She’s an angel in my life, and I’m an angel in hers. But since I’ve known about her MS dis-ease, I’ve somehow felt profound peace.


Where does that serenity come from?


Then I remembered. After my fourth miscarriage (a second-trimester loss), I had to elevate myself above the dark cloud I was standing under. I had to find a higher meaning for my deep sorrow – my dis-ease. My quest started on a run with me yelling at God: Why is this happening to me?!?! Over years of journaling and prayer, I came to finally sense the Divine answer: This is happening for me.


This dis-ease is growing me to quiet my mind, growing me to open my heart, growing me to connect better with the Divine in myself, so I can better connect with the Divine in others.


Healing is messy and healing doesn’t happen alone. Healing happens together. With God, with your Spirit serving other Spirits. You don’t need a physically perfect vessel to do that – and either does Selma Blair. All you need is curiosity, vulnerability, and a whole lotta faith.


How is your dis-ease (or your child’s dis-ease) working for you?


You may know the answer instantly, or like me, it may take you years. Get curious and learn Step 5: How to Quiet Your Mind so you can breathe, write, pray and play your way to clear answers.


With a quiet mind, you’ll be amazed at what Divine messages you’ll sense. You’ll see them, you’ll hear them, you’ll feel them, and somehow you’ll just know them. With practice, you’ll become a Divine messenger for others. You’ll be an angel in someone’s life and they’ll be an angel yours.


And together, you’ll heal.

P.S. Do you sense a friend, family or colleague who would resonate with Selma’s story? Share this post. Maybe hearing this message is their next best step for healing.   

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