You’re an



And your soulFULL medicine elixir is part openness, part focus.


In essence, Mama, your warm, affectionate heart radiates a positivity that draws others in like a magnet. You’re inspiration on steroids, seeing obstacles as opportunities, and always up for the next fun (or crazy) adventure! Your soul seeks to slow down and grow focus to create tangible results through heart-inspired laser-focused action.

Watch the video, get excited, and keep reading for an in-depth overview of your soulFULL medicine (soul gifts and growth seeds) with a personalized prescription for living a life you love (and others love you for living!)


Mama, you’re a natural-born communicator who’s happy to take the spotlight and shine bright like a diamond. Your high energy and vibrant aura are like a magnet, drawing others in, whether you’re having a quick chat with a cashier or spending time with a loved one. You create heartfelt connections wherever you go and bring a fun-loving, adventurous spirit to any gathering. Spontaneity is your middle name; you’re always up for a new and exciting experience. In fact, your enthusiasm is contagious, and people can’t help but be influenced by your passion for living life to the fullest.


You’re one open Mama – in mind and heart. You inspire others with your willingness to wear your heart on your sleeve and shift your mind to see the opportunity within every obstacle. You have a warm and affectionate nature that radiates positivity. And you can make friends faster than most can make a PB&J sandwich! Sure, not everyone is ready for your high-energy vibes, but those who are flock to you like bees to honey. They love that you live by the mantra, “Every obstacle has an opportunity.” You’re inspiring, influential, and gorgeous, Mama, so “shine bright like a diamond,” as Rihanna says.


Soul Growth Seed: FOCUS

Your wide-open nature attracts others and opportunities your way, which can create some serious distractibility. Your superpower of attraction for all sorts of things – people and possibilities – is effortless and pretty darn ah-mazing. But with all that buzzing activity around you, it can feel like you’re in the middle of a carnival, and staying focused can be a bit of a challenge. Your soul seeks to slow down, focus on your heart’s desires, and create tangible results through inspired laser-focused action. So, while the world keeps offering you a kaleidoscope of distractions, embrace your open nature – let those opportunities come flooding in – and carve out moments to slow down to give your dreams the attention they deserve. Because in that dance between the whirlwind and the stillness, you’ll create a life that’s both vibrant and deeply meaningful.

“Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.” – Brené Brown


Allow distraction and distaste for boredom to scatter your dreams and keep them from materializing.


Grow focus, commit and create tangible results through heart-inspired laser-focused action.


Your SoulFULL Path to Living a Life You Love


Congratulations! You’re at a midlife crossroads – think of it like a choose-your-own-adventure, but way more profound…and exciting! Why? When you strategically use your soulFULL medicine – share your soul gifts and grow your soul seeds – you co-create Divine results you authentically love (and others love!) Maybe midlife mayhem has you feeling meh, but why settle for less than what your heart truly desires?

Let’s map out your soulFULL path for:


Vibrant Health


Emotional Resilience


Juicier Relationships


Soul-Lit Work

If you’re thinking, what the heck does soulFULL even mean? Well, you’re not alone. You won’t find it in any dictionary ’cause I created it. It embodies living a purposeful, passion-filled life where you co-create true prosperity. That’s in sharp contrast to what I made before mid-life, a never-ending road of joyless striving, self-doubt, and scarcity on steroids.

So, picture this: Jesus (who I call JLove) was this wise soul with some serious street smarts. You might remember he dropped some truth bombs about two roads we can take in life.

Option A: One path is this super wide, flashy boulevard bustling with people. It’s like a neon-lit party street where everyone’s living it up. Picture Lionel Ritchie’s 1983 “All Night Long” video where “We’re going to Party, Karamu, Fiesta, forever!” It’s the path of least resistance, but here’s the catch – there’s no soul compass. It’s all about shortcuts, instant gratification, and parYAY! Sounds tempting, right? But wait for it… it often leads to self-sabotage, fatigue, and repeated setbacks – like driving full speed into a brick wall.

Option B: If you look closer, there’s another hidden path, a narrow, less traveled alleyway. It’s a road that requires real grit and grace to find and walk on. It’s definitely not the most popular route (hello, is anyone else here?) No flashing lights or fancy billboards point you in the right direction, yet your soul compass leads the way. It’s not always a cakewalk as you flip-flop between praying for it to end and praying for more strength to endure. It takes some serious guts to choose this way, but guess what? This road leads to a purposeful, passion-filled life where you co-create true prosperity.


Your Mama Oracle Card Pull

Embrace your inner Divine and trust, Mama! You’ve been preparing for something big, clearing out old baggage, and inviting some divine vibes into your life. Guess what? You’ve got this! The universe is flowing through you, and you’re becoming this living, breathing, spiritual being.

Now, you might feel some ups and downs along the way. That’s all part of the process. Think of it as your emotional spring cleaning, making space for new energy and ideas. Yoga, meditation, spending time in nature – whatever floats your boat – all contribute to your soul leveling up.

So, if you’re wondering whether to go full steam ahead on this new path, trust your gut. You’re already on the right track, and the universe has your back. Trusting in the Divine presence and opening your heart can spread some serious healing energy!

Here’s a quick heart-opening exercise for you. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and picture every cell in your body like a bowl of snap, crackle, and pop Rice Krispies swimming in a golden light of pure Divine love. As you scan your body – from the top of your head to the tips of your toes – notice in your heart Mama Mary smiling – beaming with pride – for who you are and who you are becoming. Then say these words silently or aloud to yourself:

“Our Lady of Divine Presence, your light lives and dwells within me. You are in every cell of my being, and my heart opens to you like a flower to the golden sun. May your presence touch every aspect of my life, and all with whom I come into contact, like a golden wave of love, bathing the entire world with your consciousness.”Mother Mary Oracle Guidebook by Alana Fairchild

Create a Life You Love with Your SoulFULL Medicine


Creating a life you love isn’t for the faint of heart Mama. Like going to the gym, sculpting your soul takes work, yet the rewards are oh-so worth it!

If you’re willing to feel the fear and flow with faith during uncertainty, you’ll find an empowering meaning for everything you’re experiencing. You’ll be ready to release the past to build an even more prosperous future. You’ll develop and practice habits that create what your heart desires and, as a result, co-create Divine results and true prosperity.

So take a moment to think about where you’re going. Which path are you choosing?



Allow distraction and distaste for boredom to scatter your dreams and keep them from materializing.




Grow focus and create tangible results through heart-inspired laser-focused action


Are you game for embracing – yet another – growth challenge? Are you willing to embrace who God, Source, intended you to be and live your most authentically abundant life?

Like that old saying, “The road less traveled leads to a brighter destination.” Ultimately, it’s not about what’s popular or other people’s approval or disapproval. It’s not about ridding life of problems. Problems are a sign of life. Living a fulfilling life is about tapping into your resourcefulness and stepping outside your comfort zone. Yes, it takes courage and vulnerability. Yet, clearly your soul’s up for walking this less traveled path with grit and grace.

“Only when we are brave enough to explore our darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”
– Brené Brown

A soulFULL Mama fuels forward, avoiding her pitfalls of being scattered or unreliable. You won’t find her lost in a whirlwind of chaos or indecision. She’s way too busy embodying the victor – the kind of Mama who takes life’s challenges head-on and creates results. Rather than playing the victim or drama queen who lies underneath her rubble of excuses and reasons, she’s a breath of fresh air who walks her talk, lives her values, and keeps her promises. She’s authentically aligned in thought, word, and deed. Instead of allowing distraction and distaste for boredom to scatter her dreams and keep them from materializing, she turns organization into a life skill. She’s got this uncanny ability to stay focused, no matter how tempting those distractions may be. And that’s how her dreams materialize – through her unwavering commitment and heart-inspired laser-focused action.

Three Steps to Live a Life You Love


I totally feel you wanting fun to be the star of the show. Me too! Trust me, Mama – I love your high vibes, adventurous spirit, and positivity! I see you. I am you. We’re in sync, riding this roller coaster of life with arms flung wide open. From spontaneous road trips to chasing sunsets – we’re all about those “why not?” moments that send boredom running for the hills. I can’t wait to hear your wins (and inevitable hiccups) as you create a life you love. (We’re in this together!)



Living a life you love is about knowing yourself intimately – understanding your true identity, strengths, patterns, and how you can best serve yourself and those around you authentically. And your soulFULL medicine is your power elixir to living it. It juices your inner resourcefulness and illuminates your blind spots so you can declare, “Aha – I see you now!” Once you’re aware, you have a choice to release patterns that no longer serve and create new ones that fuel you forward.

Your souFULL medicine elixir is part openness, part focus. Can you see how your warm, affectionate heart radiates a positivity that draws others in like a magnet? We admire how you see obstacles as opportunities and are always up for the next fun (or crazy) adventure. You’re inspiration on steroids! And if you were radically honest, would you admit that distraction and distaste for boredom can scatter your dreams and keep them from materializing? Or that you sometimes struggle to commit to creating those tangible results your heart craves?

DOWNLOAD YOUR SOULFULL MEDICINE GUIDE, where I share how we all have six human needs, including the need for variety or the spice of life! Even though we all share these six identical needs, how we order them differs, which affects our current life results and destiny. When you overvalue certain needs, you can suffer. However, changing the order of your six human needs and living it transforms your current and future results. You release “the pain” and enjoy life again. Through awareness, healing can happen.


Turns out, being out of sync with your intuition or gut feeling is like having an itch you can’t quite scratch. You clearly hear what your brain blares but can barely distinguish those heart whispers. Spirit – Source, God, or whatever you call it – is your hook-up. When you stop letting your smarty-pants brains hog the spotlight, you’ll hear your heart smarts – your soul – who already knows what love would do. HINT: Slow down to focus. DOWNLOAD YOUR SOULFULL MEDICINE GUIDE, where I share how to align your will with the needs your soul craves – growth and contribution.

MAGIC ALERT: Your heart and brain reunite. It’s like a happy reunion of these two sides that were having a bit of a tiff. You shift gears, your actions align with heart sparks, and your results change. You become love in action. You don’t always get what you want – you get what your soul needs to grow and contribute. That means the meditation thing finally clicks, stress starts to loosen its grip, your mind gets a breather, and your body throws a “thank you” parYAY!


Remember, your soul is like an incredible garden of blooming flowers (soul gifts) with little question marks scattered throughout the soil (soul seeds). Your soul gifts are strengths that come effortlessly to you, as easy as breathing. Your soul seeds are the potential skills your soul seeks to explore and grow. And the joy-ride adventure lies in nurturing both – celebrating and sharing what you’ve got and patiently growing what’s waiting to bloom – for a beautiful life bursting with excitement and all the warm fuzzies!

But nothing changes if nothing changes, right? If you’re a soulFULL Mama who wants to feel fulfilled and happy, get into inspired action and change. Instead of blaming yourself, others, or some painful event, change your perception (how you see, hear, feel, think, and what you believe with absolute certainty.) You can also change your procedure (what you do, say, give, enjoy, or how you’re showing up in the world.) As you embody this change, you tap into your inner resourcefulness, and release whatever’s ping-ponging you around, so you can enjoy life’s ride again. Like a tween launched into Disney’s dark Space Mountain, life’s twists, turns, and drops turn into a thrilling – hello freedom – adventure!

DOWNLOAD YOUR SOULFULL MEDICINE GUIDE, where I share how to grow a beautiful state (instead of an overwhelmed one) so you can cross self-sabotage and fatigue off your list for deep, fulfilling focus and inner peace. HINT: Living a life you love is about finding an empowering meaning for everything you’re experiencing and developing the habits that’ll take you to your desired results.

QUICK TIP: Add focus to your day by committing to complete ONE THING (only one!) that’ll move you closer to your desired dream. And if you’re thinking, “Nah, I have too many things to do today,” play Meghan Trainor’s “No Excuses” on this Mama Playlist and give that excuse a funeral!

COMMUNITY is Non-Negotiable


Transformation is not a solo gig. We, Mamas, are in this together – sculpting our souls – for a life we love. Each of us brings our soulFULL medicine to the table, and what we co-create together is magnetic (you want to keep going), magical (you wonder, “How the hey did that happen?”), and miraculous (you stop settling for less, take better care of your body, reignite the passion with your partner, and turn your side hustle into full-time fun.) Bottom line: you become all that you are as fully and completely as your heart can dare!

“Connection is why we are here, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. For connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen, really seen.” – Brené Brown


As an INSPIRATIONAL Mama, you bond with the GIVER Mama through intuition and a strong need for connection. You are the empaths of the world who feel. And you connect with the VISIONARY Mama through your dynamic, fast-paced, outspoken nature, with a strong need for variety and growth. You two are the movers and shakers in the world, ready to go, go, go! You’ll likely learn the most from the DETAIL Mama, whose soul gifts include focus.


The DETAIL Mama is the yin to your yang – a peaceful, cautious, reflective listener who chooses what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy, lives her values, and keeps her promises.

Although her methodical nature may bore you to snores, slow down and stick around, Mama! She shows you how doing things thoroughly allows you to discover the mysteriously hidden elements of a fulfilling life.

Translation: The DETAIL Mama reminds you that beauty (God) is present in life’s details. You become aware of where your free spirit needs to flow to create a life you love.

Whoa, yo! Don’t worry: practice makes progress. And progress creates success and happiness along the way.

Wait, Who’s “Prescribing” this SoulFULL Medicine?

Hey there, Mama! I’m Dr. Sue, and I’m grateful you’re here (and still reading!) Picture me as your INSPIRATIONAL Mama, spreading her VISIONARY and GIVER wings!

(Confession: I’m a work-in-progress with life’s details. Unlike my hubby and DETAIL Mamas, spreadsheets are not my jam!)


I’m all about living a life you love, and that starts with knowing yourself intimately – understanding who you really are, your strengths, quirks, and the incredible ways you can authentically make a difference. Yep, that means you live your weird – tarot cards and all.

Me? I’m addicted to personal growth and totally committed to fulfilling my soul’s purpose. I see people for who they truly are beyond the masks and fears. Just like my childhood bestie, Selma Blair described me as “Suzy Sunshine” in her New York Times best-selling memoir, “From the first moment we met, Sue saw me. She saw me out of my fear. When she looked at me, she saw past the exterior, intuiting who I was at my core.”

I have a knack for seeing past the exterior and connecting with a person’s soul.

Medicine was my original path; thinking I’d be a psychiatrist, life led me to become a holistic pediatric physician. I tasted disappointment and loss after experiencing the heartache of four miscarriages. And also the joy of birthing and raising three children alongside a hubby I adore (and who adores me.) Yet, even after achieving what I wanted, I found myself overwhelmed and unfulfilled. Sound familiar?

I uncovered deeper meanings through personal growth, reclaimed vibrant health, and built emotional resilience. These changes enriched my relationships and ignited a purpose-driven career that fills my soul and brings true abundance. Funny thing is, I don’t always get what I want; I get what my soul needs.

My soulFULL journey hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Like you, I’ve had my share of bumps and bruises, both big and small. But I’m getting better at bouncing back, like ripping off a Band-Aid – the faster you feel the sting, the quicker you recover your Zen. Accepting reality moves you back into the flow, yo! So you get back into inspired action for your desired results. It’s not about the outcomes you produce; it’s about pursuing a passionate, purposeful life and embracing the joy and disappointment within life’s ups and downs.

When life hands you lemons (or dashes your dreams), you’ve got two choices: go with the flow or struggle.

Option A: I resist what is and suffer.

Option B: I accept what is and relax.

Of course, I’d rather relax, but sometimes suffering sneaks in, right? That’s when I remember: I’m the creator of my emotions, crafting them moment by moment. I decide how I feel based on what I focus on and the meaning I give it. Have you ever noticed we Mamas are meaning-making machines?

In the face of setbacks, here’s the deal: the faster you accept, let go, flow with faith, and keep growing – the quicker you’ll return to a joyful, peaceful place. Difficult paths can lead to beautiful destinations, Mama. And I want you right there with me – living your soulFULL life and showing your kids (and others you support) how it’s done!

The destination is your summit. The journey is everything it takes – body, mind, and soul – to reach the starting line daily. Showing up for yourself (and those you love and support) even when you’re scared. Keep surrendering, Mama. Unshakeable faith will sustain you.

Nowadays, I’m all about coaching spiritual midlife women who want vibrant health, emotional resilience, juicier relationships, and soul-lit work in this world. I’m your soulFULL Mama strategist, blending the science and spirit of medicine to help you tap into your soulFULL medicine and create a life you love (and others love you for living!) We’re in this together – sculpting our souls and uncovering our next layers of strength, courage, and wisdom.

SouFULL medicine is how I went from med school to holistic pediatrics with a detour through the maze of infertility and loss, and then here in front of you now. I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m here to bring Spirit back to the medicine table – and remind us (myself included) we already have within us what we need to heal – our soulFULL medicine.

“When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending.” – Brené Brown


Your Game Plan to Grow Your Most Authentically Abundant Life


What if you own your story and write a brave new ending? You have the power to shape your story, and it’s closely tied to your emotions – you know, that place you always go to when something happens. So, think about it: are you often feeling down, frustrated, overwhelmed, or anxious? By changing your emotional state to an empowered one filled with joy, wonder, love, and gratitude, you’ll transform your story. You’ll tap into your inner resourcefulness and ability to use effective strategies to reach your goals. 

Honestly, you already know what you need to do. But, when you’re feeling down, it’s easy to get stuck in the past or future and forget that. By learning how to cultivate a positive emotional state during life’s ups and downs (CHECK OUT YOUR SOULFULL MEDICINE GUIDE), you can lead a life you love. And others will love you for living it! It’s a life full of purpose, passion, prosperity, and – wait for it – fun! I know it sounds too good to be true. I get it, and I gotchu Mama. Let me introduce you to…

The SoulFULL Mama Matrix

Your loving game plan to grow your most authentically abundant life!

  1. Know Your PURPOSE
  2. Ignite Your Purpose with PASSION
  3. Co-Create True PROSPERITY

Ever feel like you’re not quite sure what your purpose in life is? It’s essential to have one, as it helps you stay focused, connect with others, and turn life’s challenges into opportunities for growth. What if your life’s purpose is simply to know yourself as love so you can see love in everything and everybody?

Picture yourself as Moana, a courageous and wise young woman heading out into the vast ocean. At the same time, “How Far I’ll Go” plays in the background (LOL – my daughters are currently cringing – but stick with me, Mama!) You embrace your inner strength and resilience, learn new skills, face challenges with a fresh perspective, and understand what matters most to you. Cue Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire.” You’re traversing life’s twists and turns, knowing yourself as a powerful source of love. Just like Moana’s grandmother guided her, you’ll feel guided by the wisdom of Spirit as you clarify your soul’s purpose. You’ll stop hurrying and being so hard on yourself, embodying the wisdom of those who inspire you (enter Brené Brown and Oprah Winfrey), and realizing that you’re uniquely making a difference in the world, Mama. Yes…you…are!

You’ll embrace your purpose as you decode your soulFULL medicine and drink this power elixir daily. You’ll tap into your true power, embody vulnerability, and watch everything just click. You’re now in the flow, yo! Like Moana, you become a force of love that positively impacts you and those around you. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to feel successful and happy at the same time? It’s the ultimate combo that seems so tricky to lasso these days. Remember: it’s all about using your soulFULL medicine and unlocking your true potential. When you know your Divine worth and the Divine worth of all, you expand your soul and the world through love.


Do you ever feel like life’s lost its spark? Like you’re going just through the motions? It happens to all of us, but here’s the thing: reconnecting with passion – that secret life ingredient making it extra unique and unforgettable – ignites your purpose with Spirit.

Reconnecting with your passion is like finding a long-lost treasure chest filled with happiness and joy. You know that feeling when you stumble upon a forgotten childhood memory, and suddenly, your heart fills with warmth and gratitude? That’s precisely what connecting with your passion daily can do for you! Imagine feeling grateful and excited for each day with a renewed purpose. Passion brings you to life, leading you on exciting new adventures and opening doors to new experiences.

Yasss, life can feel hectic, but you’ll jump through the chaos when passion guides you. Like a driver in the opening scene of La La Land, you’ll be dancing to “Another Day of Sun” on top of your car in the middle of an L.A. traffic jam! Nothin’ can stop you from enjoying life’s obstacles when you’re moonwalking with Michael Jackson on the daily!

Using your soulFULL medicine, you’ll believe in yourself and your abilities, empowering you to go after what you really want. And when challenges come up, you’ll face them with grace and resilience, knowing that you can overcome anything. Enter fierce heroine Moana, who doesn’t run or hide. She leans into fear with her faith-filled, courageous heart and transforms fear with love. Whoa, that’s so next-level, right? What if you trusted like Moana and let your passion guide you? You’d face fear and keep flowin’ forward with unwavering faith.

Mama, it’s time to let go of insecurities and embrace your unique passions. You are a powerful force of nature, capable of anything. Stand tall in your authenticity, just like the heroine Moana did, and trust that you can create a fulfilling and joyful future filled with love, laughter, and endless possibilities. Let the adventures begin!

“Lead with what you love…because then you have the joy of seeing and feeling and doing what the world wants to make through you.” – Steven Tomlinson


You birth true prosperity when you align your actions with your purpose and passion (with a generous dose of authenticity and perseverance!) It isn’t just about money. Prosperity includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, fulfilling relationships, growth, and positively contributing to other people’s lives.

Imagine waking up each morning feeling rejuvenated and optimistic, as if you just drank a smoothie made of pure sunshine. Your healthy glow makes others wonder if you’ve somehow discovered the fountain of youth. You have meaningful work that fills your soul and bank account (if that’s what you want). It continually reignites a fire within you to tackle each task with enthusiasm.

As you pursue your passions, you’re surrounded by a tribe of loving, supportive souls. They inspire you to be the best version of yourself, making your heart soar like an adoring Swifty fan on the Eras Tour. And when it comes to your love life, it’s just overflowing with passion, sweetness, and a crazy-glue unbreakable bond. Really? Yasss.

In this world of prosperity, you’ve got the perfect balance. You’re nurturing your spiritual self, finding peace and serenity within, and producing Divine results with love guiding every step. You’re like a magnetic force of positivity and inspiration, effortlessly attracting abundance and good fortune. Opportunities knock on your door, and success finds you wherever you go. Boom! You ride the crest of a never-ending prosperity wave – and feel free – clearly seeing life’s beauty and allowing it to fill your soul with joy.

Mama (if you’re not already sticking your finger in your mouth and making the vomiting gesture, and even if you are), let this vision of prosperity be yours. Birth prosperity as you align your actions with your purpose and passion daily. Moana found her path across the ocean by staying true to herself, and so can you. Midlife is the ideal time to reconcile your past experiences through your inner knowing and embrace your true authentic self.

Imagine yourself letting go of all those negative thoughts and growing through life’s challenges – like a beautiful, wise Meryl Streep confidently cruising the red carpet. You’ll live a meaningful life filled with joy. You may not get everything you want, but you’ll get everything your soul needs. And as you practice being more self-aware and compassionate with yourself, you’ll tap into your inner strength, courage, and wisdom, and…wait for it…laugh a lot more! Humor heals, so you’ll heal more, too!

And even when “you’re not enough yet” rears its ugly head, you trust yourself and take inspired action ’cause that’s what love would do! When you lead with love, you align with the universe, and it showers you with blessings beyond your wildest dreams. You’ve got this, and the universe has got your back! Authentically shine and share Y.O.U. Mama, and let the magic unfold.

“Only when we love ourselves and others can we pursue our passions purposefully and build prosperity in our life and the world.” – Me 🙂Sue McCreadie, MD

There’s More for You Mama…


Snag these extra resources and uplevel your results!


SoulFULL Medicine Guide


DOWNLOAD YOUR SOULFULL MEDICINE GUIDE, and let’s kickstart your desires right now! Mama, it’s a lot – like a water hose of wisdom – and way too much to absorb in one sitting. So, I created a downloadable guide to simplify your soulFULL medicine.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside Your SoulFULL Medicine Guide:


Your soulFULL medicine in a beautifully magazine-style format for EASY READING.


How to GROW A BEAUTIFUL STATE primed for vibrant health, emotional stability, juicer relationships, and soul-lit work in this world.


An exercise with The 6 HUMAN NEEDS WE ALL SHARE. How you prioritize and meet these needs shapes your current and future life results!


DISCOVERY QUESTIONS – JOURNAL PROMPTS to dive deeper into and personalize your soulFULL medicine.


PERSONALIZED MANTRAS to boost your focus and keep those pesky negative thoughts at bay so you can ride through life’s challenges with a high-five from your inner cheerleader.


FUN FACT: One of my soulFULL daughters – an INSPIRATIONAL Mama – helped me design it for you. She’s a highly creative soul with a serious knack for detail. You won’t be disappointed.

Your Spotify Mama Playlist


DOWNLOAD YOUR MAMA PLAYLIST AND DANCE! to re-energize anytime, anywhere. The angel behind the Mama Playlist is another one of my soulFULL daughters – a GIVER Mama – who wants you to have more fun through music like she does. You’re in for a serious treat!

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#WeAreInThisTogether to live a soulFULL life.

Sue McCreadie, MD
Pediatric Physician
SoulFULL Mama Strategist


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