I’m not sure which day of med school I missed, but I never learned that health is balance.


Health is Balance.


What?!?! Where was I that day? Yes, I learned about homeostasis and our body’s attempt to maintain equilibrium, but the ‘health is balance’ pearl didn’t squeeze its way into my brain until years later in practice. And I’m so grateful it did!


I explain health and dis-ease (balance and imbalance) with a teeter-totter. Imagine yourself standing in the middle of the teeter-totter, over the pivot. When you’re happy and healthy you’re able to balance yourself over the pivot of the teeter-totter. Despite life stressors that plop on either end of your teeter-totter, you’re able to adapt and remain balanced. You’re bright. Brave. Beautifully balanced. You’re happy. Healthy. FREE!




Life inevitably plops something on your teeter-totter that throws you off balance: life stresses your system. Think of life stressors as if someone came and sat on the left end of your teeter-totter. Thud! If you don’t adapt, if you don’t move yourself towards the right end of the teeter-totter, you’ll be stuck in DIS-EASE. You’ll no longer be able to move in ways necessary to re-balance yourself over the pivot. You’ll no longer be flowing, happy and at ease.


When life plops something on your teeter, stressing you towards dis-ease, what tools can you use to rebalance back to health? You’ve probably already learned to stay physically and mentally healthy you need a diet and lifestyle that support a balanced body and a quiet mind. But what tools do you need to be a spiritually healthy person? Are you a bit curious?


About the Author: Dr. Sue McCreadie

I’m Sue, a doctor, entrepreneur, writer, & faith-filled optimist dedicated to helping you have more vibrant health, a deeper relationship with yourself, and bigger paychecks (if financial abundance is your thing).


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